Concrete Pump Spare Parts Index

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COBANOGLU Automotive Trade Co. Ltd, who is engagded in production of spare parts for concrete Pumps and Heavy Duty Machines, has been serving, for more than many years, to the Internal Markets and in particular, Foreing Markets. It has already proven its quality through great Experience acquired by means of manufacturing activities performed for long years, with its dynamic, well-trained personnel.

COBANOGLU Automotive offers the accustomed consumers the spare parts for the concrete pumps and working machines of the leading manufactures of the world, under most suitable terms and conditions.

Having made known its name and reputation abroad beside the domestic markets, through its achievements and realiability in manufacturing
business, COBANOGLU Automotive has been rendering good services to many foreign countries, mainly being to Europe, another middle east countriest.

Our firm has adopted as its main goals to practice always its principle of never conceding product quality in manugacturing stage either, which is an established princible of the Firm; to import, at even high cost, the materials that have crucial significance in production, instead of taking the course of cheap material supply, so as to keep its high quality always at the zenith

COBANOGLU Automotive, which continues its manufacturing activities at KONYA BUSAN Private Organized Industrial site, keeps selling the spare parts it makes at the same location, too.